Conservation biologist, and the founder of Bee Catchers, providing honeybee relocation services with the aim to save and relocate honeybees throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas, to preserve an integral part of the balance of nature. The business hopes to reinforce and teach the importance of honeybees and why relocation rather than extermination is the better bee control alternative.

With the arrival of Spring, although late, the bee season has also arrived. The abundance of spring blooming flowers means that people will also start noticing lots of swarms moving, and it is normal for people to be nervous. The Bee Catchers founder wants people to remain calm because migrating swarms are harmless and generally rest on a tree, bush, fence, wall, etc., for a couple of days, until they find more shelter and leave on their own

During this time the best course of action is to leave the bees alone and let them go about their business. However, if the bees are going in and out of any type of structure or enclosed area, or a swarm has been there longer than a week, then it is time to call the professionals! Many people’s first instinct is to call an exterminator but they are not aware of the serious implications of killing off the bees is having on the environment and the eco-system. According to the experts, bees are having a very hard time across the United States. They have been on a steady decline and their numbers are dwindling due to the high use of toxic pesticides. Furthermore, Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD is another reason for their decline.

The situation in California is dire, as the nation’s leading farm state over 100 vital fruit and vegetable crops are pollinated here. The declining number of bees means California does not have enough bees to pollinate its own crops, so farmers have to procure bees, from all over the US, months in advance of their crop season, to ensure pollination. To save the local bee population, the time to act is NOW! The public needs to know that they do Not Have to kill bees. There are natural alternative options that are affordable. Our ecological and agricultural environments depend on them hugely.

The experts advise against handling a bee situation on your own, and only trusting the professionals that specialize in natural ways of bee removal. The Bee Catchers offers swarm removal and full honeycomb removals with repair to roofs, stucco, siding, fascia and drywall for affordable prices. Their live bee removal professionals are highly experienced and knowledgeable.

The rescued bees go to the sanctuary of BeeQuilibrium, which help pollinate California crops. They are given to urban beekeepers and are given to various other community partners that foster bees. The BeeQuilibrium Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 was also created by the founder of Bee Catchers, with the aim to protect pollinator habitat, preserve natural resources and save farmlands.

About Bee Catchers

Bee Catchers is a State licensed, bonded and insured company that was founded by a conservation biologist. The company has been offering Honeybee Relocation Service to throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas for the previous 17 years.
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