Honeybees are one if not the most important insects alive. They are responsible for pollinating 80% of our fruits, vegetables, nuts, plants, grains, and most of the vegetation that grows in our forests and fields. Honeybees are most important when it comes to pollinating trees.

Without Honeybees two-thirds of our citrus, nuts and some fruits would disappear in the coming years. Some scientist’s believe that the reduction of the Honeybee population is as serious a problem as global warming.

Someone said, (but not verified) that the late Albert Einstein once remarked that, “If all the Honeybees disappear through-out the world, mankind would exist for approximately four years.” It is so important that we do all we can to save the Honeybees, because a great number of Honeybees and their hives are dying at a rapid pace.

The Honeybee population has shrunk from approximately 5.9 million to approximately 2.4 million in the last 50+ years. Since 2006, 20/40% of the hives have suffered “colony collapse.” The problem is so dire in California that local beekeepers are looking to import Honeybees from other states and foreign countries. The sad fact is that scientists have yet to discover the cause for the Honeybees rapid decline.


The Europeans introduced the Honeybee, to the United States, during the colonial period because of their ability to create large hives, pollinate crops, and produce large quantities of honey. The great Aristotle referred to honey, as nectar from the Gods. An active hive consists of a Queen, and anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 worker bees and drones. There is only one Queen in the hive at any given time. Her responsibility is to lay approximately 2,000 eggs per-day. The largest number of bees in a hive is worker bees. They are all females and lack reproductive capabilities. At the early stage of their lives, they act as nurses, builders, and protectors of the hive. After they mature, their duty is to scout and retrieve nectar and pollen. The Queen and the worker bees are the only ones who have stingers. Worker bees only die when they sting humans because they have a barb on the end of their stinger that will not allow it to retract it from the thickness of human skin. Queens can sting repeatedly because their stinger does not have a barb and is therefore smooth. Drones are males and their only function is to mate with the Queen. There are far fewer drones then worker bees in a hive.

Think carefully before you consider exterminating the Honeybees on your property.

BEE CATCHERS is a state licensed, family owned company, with more than fifteen years of experience, committed to saving, and relocating Honeybees, so that we can all continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

At Bee Catchers we give all of our bees away to people and organizations that can use them.  They are saved, rescued and relocated! They are given to backward beekeepers, hobbyists, farmers, orchards and apiaries!