An insect invasion of your home or business can be disconcerting. And if it happens to be bees, and you happen to be allergic to their stings, swarming or nesting bees can be especially frightening. That’s why calling an exterminator is often our first thought when an incident like this occurs near our homes. The safe, ecologically responsible, environmentally sound alternative is bee removal rather than extermination.
Here are four good reasons why NOT to call an exterminator:

1. Bees really are not a nuisance to humans. We all know that the honey they produce benefits us and that their pollination makes it possible to plant lovely gardens that fill our lives with countless varieties of colorful blooms. But so many people are unaware that we actually depend on bees for one-third of the earth’s food supply. Without these little insects to pollinate our crops and orchards, scientists estimate that we’d only be able to survive for four or five years.

2. Most bees are not dangerous to people. They actually avoid human contact as they go about the serious business of pollination so they can bring food back to the hive to feed their young. Most common varieties will not attack humans unless provoked or defending their hives. Even colonies of Africanized honey bees, more commonly known as “killer bees,” can be safely removed. Because they are so dangerous to work with, most services will exterminate this variety, though they are sometimes relocated and, through specialized breeding practices, gradually replaced with less dangerous cross species.

3. Bee populations are in serious decline. Widespread pesticide use, which damages the environment and disturbs the earth’s ecological balance, has contributed greatly to this problem. Direct eradication of bee colonies by misguided humans has also played a major role in creating this natural imbalance. If we hope to see sufficient food production to sustain us in an uncertain future, we need to carefully rethink our exterminate strategies and turn to more ecologically responsible methods for peacefully co-existing with a vital yet seriously endangered insect species.

4. A humane alternative is available. Professional bee removal, an effective method that’s safe for humans and the environment, can help reverse this ecologically unhealthy trend. Bee removal from your home or business can be quickly and efficiently handled by experienced professionals who understand their nature, their habits and habitats, and who are trained in their safe and effective removal. Most such businesses are fully prepared to remove both the insects and their honeycomb nests, if present; and make any necessary repairs to restore the premises to pre-removal condition. After removal, colonies are adopted by local beekeepers, who rent them out to farmers for crop and orchard pollination. Of course beekeepers also profit from the great honey that the bees produce. Bee removal businesses are becoming increasingly common as the world’s ecological awareness grows and as more people learn how important these “frightening pests” are to our own survival.

You will rarely, if ever, encounter a situation in which an invasion cannot be adequately handled by a professional bee removal company. If your home, garden, or business structure has been invaded by a swarm of uninvited bee-guests, you’ll help yourself, the environment, and future generations by calling a removal service to do the job the safe, healthy, natural way.